Robyn Schmidt & Lovis Krüger are hiking through Europe along the mediterranean coast. We report about it. This is our journey.

Lovis Krüger am 13. Jul 2015, 0 Comments

It is hard to write about a journey that hasn’t started yet. But we each want to give you our personal reasons for participating in this project. Our solely selfish reasons to walk 2000 kilometres. I, Lovis, will start.

I do not consider this text to be part of the show I am planning to put on. This text is personal. The question I’ll leave you with is: Will my anticipations for our journey be met? You can be the judge in the coming six months.

First Reason: I am desperately looking for stories and topics worth reporting

I am a part-time journalist. As a journalist I struggle with finding ever-new topics. Considering routine the greatest hurdle in this search, I feel like staying in one place makes it harder. I don’t expect the journey to be too hard physically or emotionally since – well it is Europe and we will be surrounded by world-class infrastructure. That gives me room for writing great stories. I believe that the route we’ll take is inherently interesting as it represents the borders of the forming European identity – not only geographically, but also on economic and humanitarian level.

Second Reason: I want to be signed by MTV Germany

I am still in denial about that. But I do hope that this project will reach a lot of people. And when I return to Germany I could be social-media-expert for a German TV channel. Preferably for a channel with no audience, like MTV Germany. I would read tweets aloud two times a week and could pay my rent doing so. Yes, I want to get there.

Third Reason: My relationships with Robyn and Dominic will change

And I really want to know how. To put it with the words of serial-killer and cannibal Hannibal Lector: »I am just curious what happens«. I might even have come up with some mind games to play with Robyn and Dominic just like Hannibal would have done.

Fourth Reason: I hope that my beliefs will be shattered during this journey.

I love the need to find new ways to construct meaning from experience and I think that a shattered world view is the basis for that. But as my beliefs already adjusted a lot in the past, it becomes harder for me to be really shocked. So I think I have to take drastic measures to get there, for example: living in a tent for six months.

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