Robyn Schmidt & Lovis Krüger are hiking through Europe along the mediterranean coast. We report about it. This is our journey.

Robyn Schmidt am 19. Jul 2015, 1 Comments

I don’t like sleeping in a tent. The ground is hard and uneven, there’s not much room to move. During summer its gets hot and stuffy. When I’m not sleeping well I’m not a very social person. I much prefer to wake up in my soft bed, safe from wind and rain. And there’s coffee at the press of a button. Not really a hard choice.

I’m generally a big fan of being comfortable.

I like the sofa in my flat because I can fall asleep while watching TV. On our journey there will be no sofa, let alone a TV. Every little comfort we will have to carry around on our backs for half a year. So it’s probably better to leave the pillow at home to have room for water in my bag.

Contrary to what Lovis wrote last week, I believe the journey will be physically and mentally taxing. It’s not a question of if but when I will hit rock bottom, when I will wake up after not sleeping well and just want to leave it all behind and go home. And for some reason I am looking forward to it. Because I will have no choice but to continue walking, simply because of all the people watching and supporting us.

Half a year is a long time.

After my first low there will be one after that, and after that. But after the first one I know what to expect. Like a nightmare about monsters the first one will be scary. The second one will be exciting. And by the third one you have befriended the monster.

I’m looking forward to facing entirely different challenges than usual for half a year. I’m looking forward to only having to think about where we will sleep tonight, how to communicate with the people we meet and what we could eat that night. I’m looking forward to leaving everything else aside. I’m looking forward to filling in the blank space in my head when thinking about Albania. I’m looking forward to swimming in the Mediterranean. I’m especially looking forward to all the challenges you are setting us. I’m looking forward to a night in Monaco. I’m looking forward to seeing what journalism can potentially be. And I’m looking forward to the constant struggle with myself.

And this whole time there’s this picture in my head. The three of us, standing on the Rock of Gibraltar after half a year and looking down at the Mediterranean. And in the distance we can see the coast of Morocco while the sun is setting.

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